Digital Printing

Wonder World Designs (WWD) offers impressive digital printing designs to its corporate customers throughout the Arab Gulf region and beyond. For more than 10 years, our Dubai-based highly competent hand-picked team of designers has been working diligently to produce professional digital printing designs that meet the diverse requirements of our wide customer base. If you are looking for fresh ideas for digital printing designs that will make your company stand out, then Wonder World Designs is the best choice for any company that seeks effective corporate communication.

Digital Printing involves the reproduction of digital images onto a physical surface. There are many variables to consider during the digital printing process, including ink, toners, photographic devices and the quality of images. To complete a digital printing project, an image must be captured from a source--a digital camera, for example. To produce an image, the image must first be converted into a digital file. The image source may be a 35mm slide, a piece of reflective art or a transparency sheet. The image can then be manipulated through compatible digital software on a computer. This process of image manipulation is completed by a scanner connected to a computer system, which scans the image to the hard drive of the computer system for immediate or later use. After image layouts and edits are completed, these elements are then saved to one file. All digital images are captured in pixels and usually in the .jpeg, .jpg, or .jpe format.
Once a compatible output device is determined, the image file is ready for production. Digital printing technology gives way to the protection of printing images. For example, lamination and ink choice are factors used to finish and protect a printed digital image from environmental effects such as heat or moisture. Digital printing is often used for personalized printing projects, for example, home office, book publishing or photography.